Thursday, May 30, 2013

A suspense filled, edge of the seat court room thriller.  When two friends are turned against each other it's up to a young, attractive defense attorney to get to them bottom of the case.  But will his personal feelings for both the plaintiff and the his accused client get in the way?  It's a Likely Story!  A homage to Mel Brooks comedies and spoof films alike.

"A Likely Story" was directed as a second year, Directing 2 project by Joseph Sweredoski at the University of Central Florida in 2011.

In cooperation with the Orlando Metro Film Commission and the city of Sanford, we were able to film this short in the Downtown Sanford Courthouse.  Extras were called in by utilizing various local acting schools as well as other sources (including the Sanford Harold newspaper) and were encouraged on-set to improvise and to think of jokes we could utilize on the day of shooting.  As a result, roughly 1/4 of the film's jokes were made up on the spot by actors and extras alike.  The film cost approximately $500 to make.

Stills from "A Likely Story"

Behind the Scenes Pictures of "A Likely Story"